Our Values

Est. 1988

The Sweetwater Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing quality contruction services.

Sweetwater is an organization built on the values instilled by Ronald C. Witt, Sr., preserved by Ronald C. Witt, Jr. and the next generation of our executive management team. We are dedicated to providing quality construction services to our clients through integrity, fair dealing and good corporate citizenship. In carrying out this mission, we will endeavor to provide our team members with challenging and rewarding careers and provide for the well-being of their families. Founded firmly on the values of integrity, accountability, and providing exceptional construction services is a company that deeply values its clients, employees and colleagues.

Core Values

Sweetwater is built around a set of core values that ensures we will build steadfastly into the future.










Our team spirit and pride bring project success to our clients.

“I believe each Sweetwater staff member has a desire to thrive in their position and, based on the average length of employment here, is finding that satisfaction and success!”

Paula Attanasio, Marketing Specialist

“Being part of a successful team with strong culture, I like being able to see how my work affects the big picture. I am fortunate and privileged to work with colleagues who are very knowledgeable, and more than willing to share that knowledge. Sweetwater is extended family where every member plays a valuable role.”

Sanjay Patel, Senior Estimator

“Part of the appeal of working at Sweetwater is everyone’s capacity to work hard, but throw in some fun to keep things balanced. I really love coming to work!”

Andrea Paleafico, Administrative Assistant

"Sweetwater provides opportunities and creates a sense of familial bond to a diverse blend of individuals. It encompasses the value and goals that I align with both personally and professionally."

Luis Torres, Project Superintendent

"I am surrounded by a great group of co-workers who really care about the company’s success. Knowing that gives me confidence in any scenario."

Brett Wernersbach, Project Manager