Managing The
Construction Process

Effective project execution demands a careful balance of responding to project needs while managing the budget, meeting the schedule, maintaining quality, and subcontractor performance.


Building & Site

Site walk-throughs with potential owners/tenants to provide commentary on suitability and constructability for the potential use of the space. We also consult with owners/tenants looking to reconfigure or expand their space while keeping operations running.


Conceptual Budgets
& Estimates

Estimators predict labor, materials and time requirements to piece together a complete picture of what it will take to complete a project.



The construction project schedule provides a detailed description and representation of how Sweetwater plans to complete the project’s work scope.



Sweetwater's VE services provide a coherent methodology used to analyze project or process and emphasizes team building, effective communication, and efficient decision-making to reach creative solutions.



Our constructability review services revolves around imparting construction knowledge and ensuring the project can be constructed as drawn.


Of Equipment

Coordination drawings are created to prevent costly construction overruns due to clashes in the architectural structure and the equipment layout.


Lead Procurement

It’s extremely important that long lead items run smoothly through their entire process; from procurement to installation.


Project Management
& Supervision

We ensure that deadlines and quality standards are met, while insisting on a safe environment for everyone on the site.



Project Controls is a process that encompasses the resources, procedures, and tools for the planning, monitoring, and controlling of all phases of the capital project lifecycle.



By setting clear expectations for safety from the beginning, managers can set the tone to ensure each worker understands their personal responsibility for safety.