For the environment, employees, and our clients


Sweetwater’s dedicated EHS department has developed its own protocols for COVID-19 exposure prevention, based on CDC, OSHA and NJ Executive Order directives, which have proven effective throughout the pandemic. Project personnel, trained in these requirements, will monitor compliance with Sweetwater, and where requested, client practices. Our superintendents and subcontractor foremen will be held to high standards for enforcing the procedures, and must lead by example.

Sweetwater has annually received top recognition awards for our documented commitment to safety through training, programs, environmentally responsible contractor certification, zero-incidence rate, EMR at .709, and pledged Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace.

As a contractor member of ISNetworld®, we are prequalified for safety and A-rated by clients such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, L’Oreal, Mondelez, Teva Pharma and Sanofi. ISNet is a contractor management service that ensures construction suppliers are operating in a reliable manner with pre-screening, insurance verification and safety procedure audits. Sweetwater recently became a RAVS Plus Participant by providing evidence of our HSE programs and interviews. This effort with ISN assists in continually improving our safety approach and procedures.


Sweetwater is committed to the highest level of quality construction possible. This commitment extends to all aspects and phases of the construction process and to the protection of the environment, health, and safety of its employees, subcontractors, clients, and neighbors. We believe that through our actions we will have a positive impact on our environment, and the health and safety of our employees, construction team members, and the general public.

The cornerstones of our safety program are:

  • Superintendent Training and Certification
  • Risk Management Training through our insurance company’s Risk Engineering division
  • Subcontractor Qualification and Training
  • Weekly Toolbox Meetings with all workers on the jobsite
  • Daily Inspections conducted by superintendents
  • Safety Incentives
  • Subcontractor Disciplinary Policy

Our clients

Our Director of Environment, Health and Safety

David Swanhart brings 8 years of comprehensive occupational health and safety experience to the Sweetwater Team, and assists with the management of Sweetwater’s Safety Program. Dave works together with our insurance company to monitor Risk Management for active jobs. He ensures that Sweetwater’s documentation and EHS Manual are in full compliance with state and federal requirements, and review and verification standards for ISNetworld®. Overseeing project safety for all construction personnel at jobsites, he strategizes with the Team, assists with the overall safety training of Sweetwater personnel, and our subcontractors when needed.

Prior experience includes service in the United States Navy, with expertise in high-risk activities. Dave applies this precision to every construction pre-task plan. He is a certified Construction Health and Safety Technician® (CHST).