Welcome to Sweetwater Construction Corp.

Est. 1988

Sweetwater is dedicated to providing general contracting and construction management services to commercial, corporate and institutional clients throughout New Jersey. We will be focused firmly on your individual needs, and our services are completed with forethought, accountability and professional integrity to ensure projects flow smoothly to completion.

Project Execution

Managing cost, schedule, safety, quality & performance.

As Construction Project Managers, our job is to manage cost, schedule, safety, quality, and subcontractor performance. An important sign of a successful project is that we achieved all of our client's goals.

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About Sweetwater

We continue to grow by providing expert construction and pre-construction services.

Award Winning

Sweetwater Corp. has won over 25 industry awards including the coveted 'Best of the Best' award, Merit Award and many more.

Our Awards


"Sweetwater’s corporate legacy of integrity, teamwork and pride has resulted in continued success over many years. This culture creates a strength and commitment within our organization to strive for excellence and enrich our client’s experience."

- Ronald C. Witt, Jr., President

Our Mission

“Sweetwater is dedicated to providing quality contruction services to our clients. We will enhance these services through innovation and continual improvement.

We will strive to expand our business by developing our long term relationships based on client satisfaction and trust.

Sweetwater is aware of and respects the principles behind sustainable development and social responsibility. We have already, and will continue to incorporate them into our policies wherever possible.

The company is committed to embracing diversity and tolerance within the realm of our business to include our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and clients. We recognize the strengths and value of such action, as it relates to our workplace and our community.”

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With our focus on experiential learning and cutting-edge industry trends, we provide state-of-the-art facilities to deliver the highest quality educational experience to students.



Sweetwater provides comprehensive expertise in renovation and relocation projects for corporations, retail companies and institutions.



Our staff has the knowledge to assist doctors, consultants, and architects in constructing surgical centers and healthcare facilities.



Our project personnel are fully versed in design schemes and standards for the hospitality field, constructing to the expectations of the flag and the vision of the owners, architects, and engineers.


Life Sciences
& Technology

Sweetwater provides the industry with comprehensive expertise in research, development and test lab and cleanroom projects for biopharma, life sciences, hospital, electronics, defense development, and manufacturing facilities.



Our multi-family estimating and project personnel are experts in the precision budgeting, quality control, and attention to schedule and detail this sector demands.



We help our clients make an impression on their customers, increase performance, and build a new space to enhance their brand.


Senior Living

Our team has the experience and training to deliver your senior care project with functional design insights and alternatives.


Our Safety Commitment

We are committed to the protection of the environment, and the safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and neighbors.

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Scope of Services

We offer a range of pre-construction and construction services encompassing:

• Managing the Construction Process
• Building/Site Evaluation
• Conceptual Budgets & Estimates
• Scheduling
• Value Engineering
• Constructability Review(s)
• Coordination of Equipment
• Long Lead Procurement
• Project Management & Supervision
• Project Controls
• Site Safety