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Sweetwater Renews ISNet Membership and Safety Assurance

Sweetwater has renewed its strong commitment to jobsite safety and risk management for a 6th year by remaining an active member of ISNetworld. Our compliance data is centralized within ISNetworld and the reporting process streamlined, making it easier for clients to prequalify our company.

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Clients such as L’Oreal, Sanofi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mondelez and Teva Pharma have evaluated Sweetwater through ISNetworld. The following information is available online to our clients in an electronic format:

o Health, Safety, and Environmental Questionnaire
o Insurance Certificates
o OSHA Forms
o Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Letters
o Written Health, Safety, and Environmental Programs
o Training Information
o Reporting of Hours and Incidents by Month

ISN’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) verifies and evaluates our health, safety, and procurement information to ensure regulatory and client specific requirements are met.

Sweetwater’s EMR (currently at .708) is annually well below industry average. This keeps our insurance rates down, helping to retain bonding capability.

We thank Sweetwater personnel for working hard to maintain our ‘A’ status, and applaud the necessary cooperation from subs and clients!

For more information on Sweetwater’s Safety and Risk Management program, click here.