SWEETWATER CELEBRATES ANOTHER PRODUCTIVE YEAR, TEAMWORK, AND REFLECTS ON A MAJOR LOSS. The entire company met last week to hear Ron Witt Jr., President & CEO, speak to the current state of Sweetwater and review the past fiscal year. The passing of Ron Witt Sr. was extremely difficult emotionally, but the team “persevered to put $78 million dollars of profitable construction in place”, said Ron Jr.
“As we embark on our 2017/2018 fiscal year, the outlook is strong and robust. We have a diverse sector backlog, with ongoing and committed projects totaling $111,000,000. Of this total, we expect to put 80% of this volume in place, which would equate to a fiscal year total of $88,000,000”. “Building on this success requires continued effort, cooperation and teamwork”, Ron stated and asked everyone to remember to choose positivity and personal accountability.
Luke Metz, EVP of Field Operations, also remembered Ron Sr. to all and congratulated Nancy Witt on her 28 years of hard work for the company.